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For most people, home organization gets put off because there can be so many more important things that require their time and attention. You may have put off little things like decluttering and had to learn first-hand that it builds up quickly! Suddenly you’re surrounded by too much stuff and piles of papers and items lacking a designated spot. Tackling home decluttering can feel like an overwhelming task but here are some secret tips from NewSpace Home Organization in St. Louis that’ll get you organized in no time!

Procrastination is the Enemy

Procrastinating is probably the worst thing you can do when trying to get organized. When you postpone putting something away, it definitely adds up. Whether it be dishes, mail, etc., make sure it gets put in the correct place as soon as you’re finished using it.

Get Motivated to Declutter an Area

One way to stop procrastinating and get started decluttering an area in your home is to do something that will make you excited to organize that space. This can be anything from a fresh coat of paint on your entryway wall or a new rug in your closet. When you visualize the potential of what the new space can look like, you’ll actually want to organize it and make it become a reality. Once you’ve finished decluttering and seeing how the area is supposed to be, you’re more likely to keep it that way. Closet organizers and accessories can make tackling overwhelming closet projects easier.

Make Organizing Your Home a Habit

To help maintain a clutter-free home, you’ll need to make it an everyday occurrence. Just 10 minutes a day can really make a difference. Pick an area and find a place for five items — it’s that simple! Confining your attention to a specific area each day can help maintain your entire home throughout the week. Create areas that fit your specific needs with custom organization units and accessories for entertainment centers, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and home offices, for example. Set a day for each area and knock out a quick 10 minutes of organizing.

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St. Louis Luxury Closets NewSpace

Be Aware of Flat Surfaces

Some of the most cluttered areas in your home are probably your tables. Flat surfaces are an easy dropping zone. Plopping down an item or paper is convenient, and all of a sudden you can’t even see the table anymore. The best way to avoid a cluttered table is by placing a centerpiece and placemats on it. When a table is already occupied by items that are meant to be there, it’ll prevent you from parking random stuff on it.

Keep Your Kitchen Counter Clear

When organizing a cluttered kitchen, think about what appliances you use often. For the ones that are less frequently used, move them off your counter and store them in your pantry. Getting them out just when you use them and putting them away when you’re finished will keep your kitchen counter from becoming a crowded mess. Organize your pantry with accessories and shelving tailored to what your household uses the most.

Organizing Kids’ Artwork Is Possible

Parents can feel guilty for throwing away their kids’ artwork, which makes them keep every little masterpiece their child creates. A way to keep the art but not have it take over your entire house is to make an art binder. Stash the art in clear binder sleeves and store the binder on your bookshelf or display. Having a book of your child’s artwork is a fun way to make them feel accomplished!

Contact the St. Louis Home Organization Experts

Everywhere from your closet, pantry, bookshelves, mudroom, home office and more, make sure you take a look at each individual space and decide on efficient ways to organize the area, then contact NewSpace Home Organization. We can provide all the organization tools you need to create a decluttered home!

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