Home Office Organization Solutions


Home organization extends to the home office. Not only do many people use their home office to organize their lives and pay their bills, but a home office can actually be a sanctuary where they get things done, have some peace and quiet, and even run their home-based business.

At NewSpace Home Organization, we understand that your home office is an integral part of your home, and we’re here to help! With custom furniture pieces designed to your specifications, our team works to understand your needs and help you select home office furniture and accessories that reflect your taste and maximize organization.

Turn Any Space Into Your Home Office

If your job allows you to work remotely but you haven’t budgeted space for an at-home office, what can you do? It’s actually simple! Here’s how to make the most of your space and create a functional work-from-home office in no time!

Pick the Perfect Spot

Working out of two or three separate areas of the home is far less productive than working from one area. If you don’t have an extra room to dedicate to an office, think about the spots in your home that would allow you to create a comfortable, private at-home workspace that is large enough to operate your business.

Ideally, you’ll want to select a spot that allows you to be your most productive — one that receives lots of natural light and is away from potential distractions like snacks and the TV. If you’re wanting to use free space in a shared room but would like it to feel more divided, a good way to create separation is with a partition curtain. This will allow you to utilize your room’s space to the fullest but still give you the privacy you need to get things done.

Get creative with establishing your new home office, for example:

  • A nook under the stairs
  • A spare closet
  • A corner workstation
  • An entryway or hallway alcove
  • An area in the kitchen
  • A stair landing or loft
  • The basement or attic
  • A converted garage
  • A shared guest room

Transform the Space

When you are ready to transform a new space, here are some of the ways NewSpace Home Organization can help:

  1. Design custom built-ins – Converting an area of your home into your dedicated office space can be a simple task when done right. Our designers can transform a free wall in your home with a built-in desk, built-in bookshelves, and custom cabinets. Our designers can construct and install a custom home office that uses your space efficiently.
  2. Create a small home office nook – If the small square footage of your home makes having a dedicated office impossible, a nook is the way to go! Whether you need an office closet under the stairs or a corner home office desk, our designers can customize your home office nook with the perfect desk for your small space.
  3. Install a hidden wall bed – If your extra guest room needs to double as an office, one way you can share the space is with a murphy bed, which is a bed that is cleverly hidden and you simply pull down from the wall. When the extra sleeping quarters are no longer needed, the wall bed folds back up, giving you the entire space back to use as your office. We can design and install a wall bed that fits perfectly into your extra multi-use room!

Furnish Your Office

In addition to custom-designed offices, NewSpace Home Organization offers multiple lines of commercial-grade furniture that will help create a productive office space perfect for you! Some of our various office furnishings include:

  • Sit-stand desks that provide flexibility in how you use your workstation by adjusting its height to fit your particular needs.
  • Office chairs that give you support and comfort for those long, busy days.
  • Monitor arms that allow you to position your screen and have more space on your desk.
  • File drawers that help you keep documents neat and organized.
  • Cord management systems that keep you plugged in — and keep cables out of sight.

Home Office Design St. Louis

Whether you want a desk with traditional styling or a modern, sleek look, your home office furniture reflects your personality and should be both functional and beautiful. Choose from a number of materials and finishes for your home office furniture that match existing pieces or create a new look altogether.

Office accessories like baskets that pull out, glass shelving that is both elegant and practical, drawer organizers, and keyboard trays that allow you to discreetly hide your keyboard when you’re not working are must-haves when you want to organize your office and manage projects of any size.

Home Office Experts in St. Louis

For help adding a personalized touch to your home office, contact NewSpace Home Organization! We have over 35 years of service in the St. Louis area and are passionate about finding ways to create organized solutions.

Whether you have a dedicated room or a cozy space you want to utilize, our team is prepared to help you create the home office you’re envisioning. Book an appointment today to get started!

“Your install staff is very fast and professional. Would recommend for sure!”

~ Keelyn; Chesterfield, MO