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At NewSpace® Home Organization, we make closet organization easy, affordable, and stylish with modern trends. There isn’t just one closet design that works for everyone. As St. Louis closet organizers, we believe in the “One Size Misfits All” concept. From simple and efficient reach-in closets to luxurious walk-ins, we were the first in St. Louis to take closet organization to the next level by making our solutions tailored around your unique needs and lifestyle. We even give our clients the option to choose between using our floor or wall based systems. Both are 100% safe and 100% ensured to get organized.

Our St. Louis custom closet organizers and designers handle the following:

Don’t forget to check out our accessory options to personalize your NewSpace® closet to match your home décor and personality.


There is something special about walk-in closets. They can be a dressing room, home for your favorite clothes and accessories, and a personal sanctuary for some. Our experienced designers listen to your needs to best assess which materials and accessories are best for your walk-in closet. Our assortment of feature and accessory options make sure your walk-in closet reflects your unique style and is highly functional.


If you have limited space, our closet organizers in St. Louis will design a solution that fits more than you ever imagined. We utilize horizontal and vertical space to maximize your closet and organize all your belongings. Reach-In closets are great for all ages. Baskets and cubbies are a great place for young children to store toys and make clean up time fun and easy! All of our shelves are adjustable so your closet will always accommodate your items during the changing seasons. It’s time to say goodbye to that single metal rod and say hello to the organization! You won’t believe how much you will be able to fit into your new reach-in closet.


If you are ready to make your dream closet a reality, NewSpace® is the place to go. Some of St. Louis’ most luxurious closets have been built inside our in-house manufacturing facility. Our experienced closet organizers and designers know what it takes to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. We have a wide range of custom storage solutions that are available in an assortment of materials and finishes that accommodate all your belongings. Your individual style is always reflected in your design and created to compliment your home décor. From crown moldings to convenient center islands, we will make it our priority to make your dream closet come to life!


Wardrobe closets are standing closets that are movable and not built-in to the room. Depending on your needs, they can range in size, style, and material. Although not as popular now, wardrobe closets have been around for centuries and now commonly serve as decorative pieces instead of storage.

Despite their modern decorative uses, wardrobes are ideal for storage of heavier articles of clothing such as winter coats.


As a typically smaller household reach-in closet, linen closets organize and store spare sheets, towels, bathroom supplies, and extra bedding such as seasonal or extra guest bedding pieces. Linen closets are generally narrow to fit in hallways, but can also be part of much bigger rooms such as laundry rooms that contain a washer and dryer.

For linen closets, shelving is often key to maximizing space. NewSpage organizes and designs hinged, bifold doors, and doorless linen closets to offer a variety of options.


Unlike pantries or linen closets, utility closets serve as a space for general household storage and organization. These closets are great for storing household items that see less frequent use such as suitcases, seasonal decorations, and to otherwise de-clutter items that might be lying around the house.

Utility closets are often found in hallways or basements, but can be located almost anywhere like near the garage. With proper design, this type of closet can take home organization to the next level and can even be great for storing items like vacuums, brooms, and crafting supplies.


Pantries are kitchen closets that store perishable foods, cooking equipment, and other kitchen necessities. In modern homes, pantries are often larger in size as walk-in closets, but can also be smaller reach-in closets depending on how much space is available.

Doorless or partitioned pantry closets are common due to their functionality and personal preference for being open or closed from view. At NewSpace®, our pantry designs often include wire or wooden shelving to maximize storage space and easily organize kitchen goods.


Whether you’re in need of updating an outdated closet spade or just interested in having more space for storage and organization, let us help. NewSpace® transforms cluttered closets into well-organized and highly functional spaces.

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