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Some areas of the home are often overlooked or underutilized because of space limitations, and that’s where we come in! Throughout the years, NewSpace® Home Organization has helped countless clients achieve total home organization. Our professional designers can help you turn your house into your dream home!

No matter what room or size space you want to transform, our team of designers will create a custom solution that maximizes any space to achieve your desired outcome. Mudrooms, craft centers, and home bars are some of the most common areas in the home that could greatly benefit from having an organization system.

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The main point of a mudroom is to provide you and your family with one spot to easily transition in and out of the house. Lockers, cubbies, or a similar setup, are often used in mudrooms to give each member of your family a space that is just for them. When your family has a dedicated space to keep belongings organized, you’ll be able to say goodbye to those messy piles cluttering up the house!

Entryway storage is a must-have, but what if your home doesn’t have a separate entryway large enough for a mudroom? No problem! Depending on your house’s layout and family’s needs, a mudroom can fit into a hallway, closet, laundry room, kitchen, or living space. A NewSpace® Home Organization designer can work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

If your home’s entryway opens up to your living space, we can create a gorgeous mudroom that not only fits flawlessly into your home, but one that can even become a focal point in your family room, living room, dining room, or wherever you may have space for one!

Perfect for any season, a mudroom helps keep everything from keys, jackets, shoes, and bags from winding up missing, which in turn keeps your family’s busy schedule running smoothly. We make mudroom organization simple! Whether you need custom lockers, hooks, cubbies, shelving, or benches, NewSpace® Home Organization can help you create a mudroom storage solution that all members of your family can easily utilize.

Lockers 1

Locker Cabinets

Dallas Mudroom

Mud Room

Lockers 3

Locker Cabinets


Home Lockers with Chalkboards

mud room renovation

Mud Room


Whether crafting is a hobby or your full-time occupation, you need the space to store and organize all of your tools and materials efficiently. The good news is that you are no longer limited in what you can do for a crafting area. NewSpace® Home Organization can help give you the craft room of your dreams!

Our professional designers can work with your specifications to create a craft center catered to your needs. From craft room storage cabinets and built-in shelving to desks and islands, we do it all! We provide craft room organizers for complete workspaces and the accessories that compliment your craft materials.

When your crafting equipment and supplies are organized in an area free of clutter, you can focus on letting the creativity flow. We understand that a well-designed craft room can spark your creative juices and inspire you to make something awe-inspiring, that’s why we take pride in helping you design a space that gives you what you need for your craft projects.

Let NewSpace® Home Organization give you the craft room storage solution you need! We can help coordinate all of your necessities and make them available at hand for you to work comfortably.

play area newspace

Craft & Play Room

craft room newspace

Gift Wrapping Station

craft desk newspace

Craft Desk

scrapbooking table

Scrapbooking Table

crafting sewing room

Crafting and Sewing Room

craft room

Craft Room

craft room shelving

Craft Room Shelving

craft room ribbon organizer

Craft Room Ribbon Organizer


If you enjoy entertaining or are a collector of wine, a bar or wine storage area would make a great addition to your home. When designing the perfect home bar, there are some things to think about. How much room do you want for tending versus storage? A casual or professional style? Do you want to make it a wet bar? Then you’ll have to run water lines and a drain system.

Adding a bar to your home might sound like a difficult project, but with a NewSpace® Home Organization designer, it doesn’t have to be! A good home bar is all about the details, and our designers will make sure everything is covered. From size and shape to sinks and mini-fridges, we can help you figure out what your entertainment needs are and then create a space that fits perfectly and matches your home’s finishings as if it was there the whole time!

Having the right bar organization system makes it easier to host the perfect bash, and there isn’t anything ordinary about our custom home bar solutions. If you are ready to wine and dine your guests, let us help you transform your home into the perfect entertaining space. Your parties and get-togethers will never be the same!

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Downstairs Kitchen

coffee bar newspace

Coffee Bar

bar wine areas 3 13896908910 o

Wine Racks

bar wine areas 7 13896888379 o

Cherry Red Custom Bar Area

bar wine areas 11 14103569953 o

Home Bar Area


If you are wanting to bring your mudroom, craft room, or home bar to the next level, the designers at NewSpace® Home Organization can help make it happen!

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“This is our third project with NewSpace® in 14 years. Still a very pleasant experience all around – couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of service. Thank you!”

~ Alicia; Ladue, MO