While there are many different interior design styles out there, creating your perfect home office can be easy with NewSpace® Home Organization! From the desk and furniture to lighting and accessories, every piece in a home office plays a role in the design, and choosing a style that suits you is important. Our expert designers can help transform any space to fit your desired style, giving you the home office of your dreams. We can create custom wood furniture in a variety of materials and finishes and implement optimal organization with custom accessories.

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Interior Design Styles

Here’s how to achieve the look of popular styles of design in your home office:

boho office decor

Bohemian Office Decor Ideas

The bohemian (or boho) style exudes creativity and gives a free-spirited vibe. To get this look, mix bright, bold colors and layer patterns and textures with woven furniture, area rugs, and wall hangings to create a cohesive space. Add vintage-inspired decorative accents and don’t forget the lush houseplants!

coastal office decor

Coastal Home Office Ideas

While being in landlocked Missouri, you may catch yourself daydreaming about the beach often. To create a light and breezy vibe in your home office, incorporate airy fabrics for window treatments and nautical-themed accessories like lighthouses and seashells for your wall art. Your color scheme should include navy and white with gold accents as well as some whitewashed pieces to mimic sun-bleached driftwood.

contemporary office decor

Contemporary Office Decor

Contemporary design is the epitome of comfort and functionality. To achieve a contemporary design, you’ll need clean, sleek lines and solid colors that are either muted neutrals or bold punches of brightness. Your furniture should be low on the ground and have metal frames and straight legs that emphasize basic shapes and forms.

french country office decor

French Country Office Decor

Inspired by effortless elegance, French country design incorporates the look of rustic, natural materials like distressed woods and aged metals, as well as mixed patterns like toile, stripes, and florals. Opt for muted colors, extravagant crystal chandeliers, ornate tapestries, and touches of gold throughout your home office.

industrial office decor

Industrial Home Office Design

Industrial design is known for exposing building elements like pipes, ductwork, and brick walls. Industrial-style home offices incorporate neutral colors like browns, greys, whites, and blacks, and furniture made from rustic wood, metal, and leather. Achieve this look with structural pieces that function as design elements like custom open shelving and Edison bulb pendant lighting.

minimal office decor

Minimalist Office Space

Minimalism is about creating space to live simply and intentionally. Minimal interior design is characterized by clean lines and using the bare essentials to create an uncluttered space that allows each piece of art and furniture to shine. Your minimalist home office should adopt a monochromatic palette with color used as an accent, as well as multifunctional, geometric-shaped furniture and decor.

modern office decor

Modern Home Office Ideas

Modern interior design is a reflection of the modern art movement, notably art deco in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It employs a sense of simplicity in every element. Think crisp, sleek lines, streamlined furniture, neutral color palette, polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes, asymmetry, and the use of materials like metal, glass, and steel.

rustic office decor

Rustic Office Ideas

Rustic interior design focuses on highlighting the raw elements of nature and brings the beauty of the outdoors inside to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. To achieve a rustic home office, include welcoming, easy, and relaxed furniture and decor such as items that look hand-crafted, aged, and even a little distressed. Aim for natural materials and a natural color palette that offer a calming and earthy aesthetic — think brown, beige, and cream as well as shades of green, blue, and red.

scandinavian office decor

Scandinavian Office Design

Inspired by the aesthetic of northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Along with sleek, modern furniture and decor, incorporate a blend of textures and soft hues to make your home office feel warm and inviting.

traditional office decor

Traditional Home Office Design

Traditional interior design is where classic styling and symmetry reign supreme. It is often thought of as calm, cozy, orderly, and predictable. There is nothing elaborate, wild, or chaotic in a traditional office — perfect for getting down to business! Achieve this timeless style with detailed woodwork and sturdy, simple, and sophisticated furniture. Color palettes should include neutral and mid-tone hues of browns, reds, greens, and blues. Fabric patterns and wall treatments can range from simple solids, stripes, and plaids to florals and chinoiserie.

transitional office decor

Transitional Home Office Ideas

The transitional style is a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary design. It elegantly combines new and old in a fresh way. Achieve this look by incorporating bold furnishings with classic, simple lines. Your transitional home office should include neutral colors, such as creams, taupes, grays, and black, and fabrics like suede, chenille, and leather. Top off the sophisticated feel with mirrored, glass, and metallic furnishings and decor.

Home Office Decor Experts in St. Louis

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