When you think of organizing your home, your garage may not be the biggest priority space that comes to mind. However, most people utilize their garages in a number of ways, and bringing organization to your garage can help keep it clean and clutter free!

NewSpace offers organization systems for garages that include cabinets and storage, and we also offer garage flooring to improve your garage floor’s appearance and durability.


For most, the garage is the first and last place in your home that you see. Give yourself a space that goes further than just storage. Let us transform your garage to an organized space that easily stores items while providing an area to complete activities. If it’s a workshop, gardening center or lockers you’re after, NewSpace is here to give you just that. Don’t underestimate the potential an organized and efficient garage can hold.

Adding cabinetry to your garage allows you to organize both big and small tools that tend to get in the way. Plus, if you add garage cabinets to your space, the clutter that used to be unsightly or a tripping hazard is now in a safe place that is organized and more efficient.

NewSpace offers a number of materials and finishes that enhance your garage space. We can create a custom look which matches your vision for your garage space or any existing design that your garage already has.


In addition to organized solutions, NewSpace offers RAK epoxy floor coverings to add that extra special something to the overall look of your garage. RAK garage floors are stain-resistant, slip resistant, and improve the appearance and life of your garage floor. Choose from the 27 color and texture options to match your needs and style.

Contact NewSpace to learn how we can help bring new life to your old garage! We have been in the business of organizing homes in the St. Louis area for over 30 years and can partner with you to bring the vision you have for your ideal garage space to life. Also, be sure to check our home page for the latest savings and promotions to make the most of your project!

“Great product and design—very good price!”

~ Michael; Chesterfield, MO

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