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How to Organize Your Walk-In Closet

By April 21, 2016Closets

There is nothing quite like having a walk-in closet! Organizing it, however, can sometimes feel daunting. If you don’t actively try to organize a walk-in closet, you might soon find yourself overwhelmed trying to declutter it.

Use these tips to make your walk-in closet spotless and easy to navigate!

Clear Out the Clutter

Before you achieve having an organized walk-in closet, you have to do the heavy lifting. The first thing to do to improve your walk-in closet is to take every item out. Clothes, shoes, boxes, and even hangers need to come out so you can assess what you have and do the legwork needed to make your closet look better.

The reason clearing everything out of the closet is a better strategy than simply straightening up what is existing in your closet is you might not know what you have right now. Perhaps you have added clothes to your closet without doing inventory of existing items, or maybe you have a hard time getting into the closet due to clutter on the floor. Whatever the case, taking out everything, from top to bottom, will help you know exactly where your clutter stands and how to pare it down into something more manageable.

Sort and Make Piles

Once you know what you have to work with, it’s time to make generic piles of the items you want to keep, the items you want to donate, and the items you want to throw away. Chances are, you’ll have something for each section. Use garbage bags for the donation pile and the trash pile, but make sure you have a way to distinguish them, such as a label on the handle of the bag that tells you which is donated versus ready to toss.

Creating distinct piles at this stage forces your hand in deciding what is actually beneficial to you and worth keeping. For example, if there is a shirt in the back of your closet you’ve been meaning to wear but haven’t gotten around it would be better to donate it to someone who will get more out of it. Holding onto the item means it gathers dust and benefits no one.

While it might be an emotional process sorting out your items, keeping your end goal in mind – an organized, efficient closet space – should help as you take your decluttering tasks to the next level.

Refine Items To Keep Into Categories

Now that you have your donation pile ready to go and your trash pile bagged up and in the garbage can, it’s time to further sort that pile of items you have decided to keep. Instead of making piles of items to keep, toss, or donate, go through the “keep” pile and refine those categories down.

Group like items together, such as all belts together or all dresses, in order to better understand what you have. Once you do this, you might even find some items you want to donate. For instance, if you have two white button down blouses, donate one and keep the other one. No one needs two of the exact same shirt!

Use Accessories to Make Organizing Easier

Your walk-in closet transformation is almost complete. Now that you have your distinct groups of like items, it’s time to put them back. Use hangers, of course, to hang up dresses and shirts, but it might be time to invest in other items for your walk-in closet that make life easier.

Closet accessories like the ones offered at NewSpace can change the way you think about organizing. With items like baskets, pull-out belt racks, and glass door inserts, among others, you can keep your closet in its new, organized condition long after you finish your decluttering project.

Maintain Your Walk-In Closet Organization

Although your work is done, you must keep your walk-in closet space free from becoming cluttered again. Regularly purge items from your closet and pick up any items that lose their way in order to avoid having to reorganize your closet again. Follow these steps and your walk-in closet woes will be gone!

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