St. Louis’ Solution To Murphy Beds Of Old


Your days of choosing between using the spare room as a guest room or home office are over. Wall beds allow multi-use rooms to easily transform without loss of space. Give your guests a comfortable and enjoyable place to stay without giving up function or esthetics. NewSpace is proud to offer wall beds to meet your needs!


The concept of wall beds came out of the limited space its inventor had in his San Francisco apartment. This space-saving idea is still popular today, and the fold-down bed is no longer limited to small spaces like studio apartments.

If you own a home, a pull down bed might be an appealing concept to adapt your office or other spare room into a guest room when you have friends or family stay over. Craftsmanship today also allows you options for sizes and finishes so your fold-down bed matches your existing décor.

Adding a wall bed redefines unused space in your home. Create a multipurpose room in your home with a wall bed installation and maximize your closet space, as well as the functionality of the room. Having a room in your home that guests can utilize that also has a purpose after they leave is essential to making the most of your rooms.

Let NewSpace help design and install your wall bed! We have numerous years of experience installing wall beds that meet our clients’ needs, from adding a twin bed to a room used occasionally for guests to installing a pull down bed large enough to fit two people visiting for an extended period of time.

Best of all, if you’re limited on space, you can fold up the bed during the day, giving you peace of mind knowing your space is not limited because the bed is available for use again when guests return. Whether you have a guest staying just one night or for a longer period of time, your wall bed is ready to accommodate their needs.

“Your install staff is very fast and professional. Would recommend for sure!”

~ Keelyn; Chesterfield, MO


NewSpace provides high quality wall beds for any room where you want to add one. You can depend on our team to be attentive and provide a solution that fits your needs and your space while also bringing functionality to your home. When you work with NewSpace, not only do you get to choose the size of the wall bed from our wide selection, but you get to choose the best materials and finishes to match your home décor.

Our designers can create a space for your guests to comfortably sleep as well as add desks, bookshelves, closet organization solutions, or extra storage cabinetry to your project wherever you may need them. They have the skill and experience to uncover the vision you have for your home and bring it to life.

If you’re looking to maximize space within a room in your home without losing function and flexibility, schedule an appointment with a NewSpace designer today! Also, check out our homepage for current promotions and savings to make the most of your project!