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A “Dream” Come True, After 10 Years…

Client: Tiffany and Andrew
Home: Ladue, Missouri
Designer: Jenny Elfrink

happy couple sitting in walk-in closet

Their Story:

Originally from a small town in Kentucky, this high-spirited and happy couple did not attend “high school in St. Louis”, but made their way here from Tennessee in 2010 for joint career opportunities. From 2008 to 2018, they lived in an 800 sq ft apartment in Memphis – with two very small reach-in closets – then moved to a 1000 sq ft Brentwood Forest condo rental that offered one tiny (5X5) walk-in closet to share, before moving into a beautiful new custom home in Ladue in March, 2018. For 10 years, the couple accumulated more than 20 plastic containers to store their folded clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, and used two portable rolling racks to hang their clothing.

Their Mission:

In 2014, Tiffany and Andrew (and their dog Lincoln) set out to build a custom home, and worked with an architect and builder for the next 4 years. “I kept files of photos with notes on my account where I gave our architects access to my folder. Since we planned on living in this home forever, we made sure our plan utilized every square foot of space the way we wanted it to”, said Tiffany. They moved into their new home in March, 2018 – combining items from 4 different locations: their condo, wedding gifts (from 10 years ago) from her parent’s home, and items from 2 different storage units.

Once in their custom home – they left their new Master Closet not yet custom designed – so they could see how the space would allow them to function once they fully moved everything in. “We had this new Master space, but with no custom organization, just like in our small apartments – we could not find any of our clothes and that caused us both a lot of stress”, Andrew said. After a couple months, we knew we needed to work with a custom closet company, and set out to get different designs that could help us.”

How We Helped:

In August, 2018, the couple was introduced by their realtor to designer Jenny Elfrink at NewSpace, after also having gotten a competitive design elsewhere. “We liked working with Jenny immediately, and it didn’t take us long to realize NewSpace really knows home organization and can custom design to solve any organizational need we had,” quipped Tiffany. “We knew we wanted shaker style doors and lots of drawers, and Jenny suggested we add face frame, full backs on the cabinets and base molding which we really liked. We just loved their process and ideas, and totally trusted Jenny and her team to build and install our dream closet”.

Their Stunning “Dream” Closet:

Andrew and Tiffany: Now that you’re not living out out of the plastic containers after 10 years, what are your favorite features in your new custom closet?

“I can answer for Andrew – he loves the dove-tailed drawers (he’s all about quality). I love our wide and deep drawers and how there’s enough space to spread everything out to easily choose an outfit. We couldn’t believe it stored all our clothes and more! I’m also a BIG fan of our shoe wall…no more shoe boxes!! On a date night last month, Andrew said, “I feel like we’re both wearing new outfits – outfits we have never dug out of our plastic containers and forgot we even had!” To be honest, our dream closet is one of our favorite things in our house and the process and the end result exceeded our expectations!”

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