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Maximizing your space is ideal when you downsize or want to improve the functionality of an existing space. Wall beds are a great way to include a place for guests to stay in your home without having to devote an entire room solely to being a spare bedroom.

Learn the basic facts about wall beds, as well as the many ways they can make the most of your room without sacrificing quality and style!

What Are Wall Beds?

A wall bed is a bed that can be concealed in a wall or other cabinet-style space when not in use. Although its inventor created the wall bed over a century ago after dealing with a cramped apartment space, wall beds have since become a popular option in homes of all sizes, from townhomes and condos to apartments and average-sized family dwellings.

Wall beds can be mounted on walls in two ways. The first way that most people picture is a vertical mounted wall bed. These beds are concealed with the foot of the bed facing the ceiling and fold down from there to protrude out from the wall. The second way you can mount a wall bed, called a side mount wall bed, folds down like a cabinet, with one longer side of the bed fitting closer to the wall. While not as common, the side mount wall bed is useful if you lack the ceiling clearance for a vertical mounted wall bed.

wall bed vertical mount st louis

Vertical Mount Wall Bed

side mount wall bed st louis

Side Mount Wall Bed

If you are in the St. Louis area and are considering purchasing a wall bed, contact our skilled team at NewSpace Home Organization! We are happy to meet with you in your home or in our showroom to discuss your goals and how a wall bed might work for your space.

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Wall Bed Sizes

Although wall beds can be of any standard size, the most typical sizes mounted are full sized wall beds and queen wall beds. This is often because the homeowner desires to use the wall bed as a spare bed in the home for guests, so providing a size like a full or queen can accommodate more than one guest.

Take a look at the table below for the type of dimensions you can expect when working with NewSpace Home Organization to design a wall bed for your home. NewSpace Home Organization is proud to be an authorized Murphy Wall Beds dealer and can answer any questions you might have about the space available in your home to fit a wall bed.

Wall Bed Dimensions

Vertical Width Height Depth Protrusion
Single/Twin 44 1/2″ 80 1/16″ 15 7/8″ 84 1/2″
Double/Full 59 1/2″ 80 1/16″ 15 7/8″ 84 1/2″
Queen 65 1/2″ 85 1/16″ 15 7/8″ 89 1/2″
King 83 1/2″ 85 1/16″ 15 7/8″ 89 1/2″
Side Tilt Width Height Depth Protrusion
Single/Twin 80″ 47 5/16″ 15 7/8″ 49″
Double/Full 80″ 62 5/16″ 15 7/8″ 64″
Queen 85″ 68 5/16″ 15 7/8″ 70″

*Information provided by Murphy Wall Beds

One thing to note when discussing your wall bed with our designers is what kind of mattresses are available for wall beds. While many home organization companies might tell you any type of mattress will work well for your wall bed so long as it fits the dimensions, we recommend using a coil mattress in order to have the best experience.

When our customers choose to work with our experienced designers at NewSpace Home Organization, they can purchase their mattress through us during the planning phase for installing a wall bed or can use a mattress they purchased for that purpose.

Contact NewSpace for Custom Wall Beds and Murphy Beds

If you’re interested in a wall bed, let the home organization experts at NewSpace in St. Louis help! Schedule an appointment with a designer today!

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