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How to Easily Transition Your Garage to Warmer Weather

By March 26, 2015January 30th, 2024Garage Organization

Let’s face it: it’s easy for a garage to slowly start evolving into a messy storage shed. With spring here, now is the perfect time to take back your garage and turn it into an organized, useable space. Here are the best ways to get your garage ready for whatever spring brings.

One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Go through the various items you have and figure out what you should keep and what you should donate. Consider donating your gently used clothing somewhere that benefits a good cause. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition would be a great option.

Sweep & Spray

Make sure to sweep out all winter debris and wash away any salt build up on your garage floor. When nicer weather arrives, you don’t want your family still tracking in winter messes.

Improve Efficiency

The garage is usually the last place to think of making energy efficient. What people don’t realize is the garage can be one of the highest ranking places for air loss in your home. By simply adding a weather strip to the bottom of the garage door and door that enters your home, you will be preventing outside air from coming in and the cool air from escaping.

Install Storage Units

Think about where you have open space within your garage. If you have extra floor space, consider having cabinetry installed. Garage cabinetry is a great way to store sporting equipment, tools & wires, gardening accessories, cleaning supplies and more! If you are limited on floor space, consider maximizing vertical wall space. A Slatwall System would be a great choice not only because you get to choose a material that matches your garage, but you have a huge assortment of accessories to choose from! Accessories like, bike hooks, baskets, storage bins, and shelves are some of the most popular.

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