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Simple Ways to Organize your Home with Accessories

By March 18, 2016February 17th, 2022Closets, Home Organization

It’s easy to get behind on chores such as organizing your home. However, by just taking a few minutes every day to tidy up, you can make your home an organized space that gives you joy while remaining functional.

At NewSpace, we offer a number of features and accessories for every space of your home! Making your life easier with accessories that bring convenience and style to your home is essential to being organized and stylish at the same time!

Organizing Your Closet

The problem: Disorganized necklaces, earrings, and rings
It doesn’t take much for your jewelry to go from organized to a mess. Using accessories that make it simple to organize the things you love to wear helps you find what you want, when you want it.

What we recommend: Jewelry Inserts
Our jewelry inserts are easy to add to any drawer and give you a way to put matching items together or organizing all of one type of accessory with ease.


Organizing Your Pantry

The problem: Canned goods taking up too much space
If you find that opening your pantry leaves you wondering if a can of food is going to fall over or, worse, hurt you on its way down, you’re not alone. Having a way to store pantry items safely is important to many people, but sometimes, the standard pantry needs additional accessories to make it function well.

What we recommend: Basket Rim Shelves
Installing shelves that have a rim keeps canned goods from rolling to the floor. Plus, shelves come on a glide system that makes it easy to pull them out to reach a canned good in the back of the shelf and push the shelf back when you’re done.


Organizing Your Laundry Room

The problem: Rumpled clothes with nowhere to hang them
We’ve all had it happen: you finish doing a load of laundry and get distracted or leave them in the dryer too long. Before you know it, you either need to dry the clothes again to get the wrinkles out or are left with a sopping wet load of laundry that should have been hung up but wasn’t.

What we recommend: Hanging Station
If you’re short on time or have delicate items that need to be hung up to dry, a hanging station might be perfect for you! Hang items right on the rack to have them dry naturally. You can also hang shirts or other items on hangers and hang those on the rack to dry. Once they’re dry, simply hang them in your closet and you’re done!


Organizing Your Home Office

The problem: Paper clutter building up and taking over your desk
Whether you work from home or simply enjoy doing other tasks in your home office, you might find that paper can be the worst type of clutter to have. Some papers are important to keep, but others are harder to get rid of. How do you organize them in a way that makes them accessible without making a big pile of papers?

What we recommend: Home Office Baskets
The attractive design of our home office baskets, paired with their functionality, makes it an easy choice to install these in a desk or existing shelving unit. You’ll no longer wonder where the paper you needed yesterday is in your office; you’ll have a place to put it (and find it) right away!

At NewSpace, we strongly believe in providing the best quality and price. Our LOW PRICE GUARANTEE promises to meet or beat any competitor’s proposal. Don’t wait to organize your home! Check out our latest promotion on our homepage to learn how you can save on your project. Contact us at 314.423.3200 to schedule your free consultation.

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