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If downsizing to a smaller home and trying to organize its contents seems like an overwhelming task, you’re not alone in your thinking! However, it is possible to live large in a smaller home, as long as you have the proper furniture and organizational accessories. 

We at NewSpace Home Organization in St. Louis have helped downsizers for years and we can help you too! Here are our tips for downsizing your living space.

1. Incorporate Space-Saving Furniture 

There’s no room for grand, oversized furniture in a smaller home, but that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit design-savvy efficiency. One of the ways you can utilize your tiny space to the fullest is by incorporating chic space-saving furniture into your new abode. Furniture, such as wall beds that fold neatly into a wall when not in use allow maximum use of limited floor space during the daytime.  

A customized office, compact fold-away laundry station, and a custom woodwork dresser built to fit your available space offer superb options for smaller dwellings that allow for the best organization possible. 

The main thing to think about with furniture in downsized homes is practicality. Dual-use furniture such as storage ottomans, dining tables with hidden leaves, and pull-out drawers under a bed are great space-saving furniture choices as well.

2. Design Well-Organized Closets 

When downsizing, your master bedroom will likely be too cramped for all of the furniture you had before. Installing a custom-built closet eliminates the need for additional clothing storage pieces in a smaller bedroom area and maximizes your storage area with aesthetic efficiency.

Custom-made open shelves filled with attractive pull-out baskets provide ample hidden storage space for your clothes and accessories. What you might want to include in your custom closet are functional shoe shelves, double hanging rods, and specially crafted drawers designed to store your jewelry pieces. A tie rack, belt hooks, and handbag cubby holes offer additional organization that will help you easily find what you’re looking for. 

3. Utilize Innovative Accessories 

Using a few innovative accessories can prove to be tremendously helpful when it comes to organizing your belongings after you’ve downsized to a smaller residence. Some ways to make your smaller kitchen more functional is with an organized spice rack, convenient pull-out shelves, and decorative storage baskets in your custom pantry. A desk with cubby holes, shelves, storage cabinets, and a pull-out keyboard tray keep your office-related articles compactly organized. For your garage with limited floor space, you can use a pegboard with hooks to organize small tools and attach a special rack to your garage wall to organize larger tools, such as rakes and shovels.

4. Maximize Vertical Wall Space 

Keeping clutter to a minimum is vital to downsized living. In order to do so, you have to have a dedicated place for everything, that way, your smaller home will not get overloaded with items.  Downsizing means less horizontal square footage, so it’s imperative to think vertical in a small home to efficiently maximize and organize your available space. For instance, custom-built displays and bookshelves that fill an entire wall in your living area offer spacious storage options for your books, collectibles, decorative items, and artwork.

You may have a smaller home, but that doesn’t mean you want a smaller TV! A custom entertainment center is perfect for holding all of your electronics while keeping the space neat. Another way to use your home’s vertical space more effectively is by installing a built-in locker cabinet along a wall in your entryway or mudroom to conveniently hold your jackets, hats, and scarves.

St. Louis Home Organization Experts

Nothing says home sweet home more than a well-organized, relaxing space. With NewSpace Home Organization, you can achieve just that in your downsized home! You can count on our professional designers to help you with every step of the process. We can help determine which organizational features and accessories will work best for you and your new St. Louis home! 

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