Custom Furniture Spotlight: Draw Leaf Table

By May 9, 2016Custom Furniture
finished draw leaf table

As the only home organization company in St. Louis that offers design and building of custom furniture pieces, NewSpace is excited to spotlight a recent manufactured piece conceptualized by designer Andy Villasana. Take a look at what goes into making the custom draw leaf table we are featuring on our blog today!

Custom Draw Leaf Table

The table is all solid red oak, closed 132 x 46″ wide and open 164 x 46. the finish process is heavy wire brush then a 5 step finish to give the aged appearance. the finish, that looks like there is no finish, is actually a waterproof hardened urethane that is ultra low luster.

Draw leaf tables have been around for hundreds of years. The normal function of this kind of table allows you to draw out the leaves from the ends it lifts the main top. When the leaves are fully extended the main top drops to align with the leaves. This top was to heavy and so the idea of the cams or big levers was incorporated.

The top is planked 1 1/2″ boards with breadboard ends. The leaves “draw” out from the ends, lifting on the long angled runners built into the table. By the time the leaves pull out their 16″ of length, they have raised up the thickness of the top. The main top is loose, aligned by large wood dowels, and the cam action lever at both end lifts the main top so the leaves can be drawn out. Once they are out, the cam can be released and the top and leaves are all aligned.

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