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Will a Custom Closet Organization System Work for Me?

By September 17, 2015January 30th, 2024Closets

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having an organized home! When it comes to your closet, however, it can be daunting to tackle a space that most people don’t see. Having organized pantries and bookshelves can seem easy, but an organized closet can feel like a whole other project.

A custom closet organization system designed to your specifications can make it easier for you to keep your closet organized the way you want. Creating a custom closet with help from a skilled closet company not only gives you a solution that is unlike anyone else’s, but fits your specific needs to a tee.

Reach-In vs. Walk-In Closets

Many people may see the potential in a reach-in closet, but have no idea how to best use the space. If you’re limited to the size of your closet or simply don’t want to do a major change to your home, using a custom closet solution for a reach-in closet is perfect for you.

Some ideas you can try to create a custom reach-in closet include utilizing baskets and cubbies to better store clothing and accessories. Deciding whether to use horizontal or vertical organization is also something to consider when you look for a closet organization system to suit your needs and your budget.

A walk-in closet, on the other hand, provides you with a larger space to organize and seek solace when it matters to you, but it can also be difficult to maintain organization. A custom closet organization system for a walk-in closet is created with features and accessories to fit your individual style.

Custom Shelves

Your closet organization needs might require some custom shelving to store clothing, shoes, ties, or other accessories. With floor or wall based systems available for closet organization, choosing shelves has never been easier!

A closet organization system with custom shelving often means more space, so why not take advantage of your closet system and pick shelving that fits your taste and goals?

Custom Closet Drawers

Sometimes, the mantra “out of sight, out of mind” works well for closet organization. Add in closet drawers customized for you to keep your space looking fashionable while also storing your precious items.

Additional Closet Customization

You deserve the star treatment, and choosing a custom closet with high-end options allows you to indulge just a little and create a space of your very own. From materials and finishes designed to fit your design tastes, to crown molding and center islands that give you a closet unlike anyone else’s, you can design a space as unique as you are.

Call 314.423.3200 today to schedule your free consultation and improve your closet organization with a custom solution to fit your needs.

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